John, Jim and Tim

John Jacoby and Jim Sloan completed the Epic in 4 days:

Mar 22 - Mar 25

"I have mentioned to my colleagues at work I think the route would make for a great adventure tour/journey which we may consider running in the future."  (John Jacoby, Race Director, Rapid Ascent P/L)

"All in all, a great concept and a great ride. I would certainly encourage others to do it, but unless they are masochists like me and John, perhaps they should stick to your schedule of 8 days!"  (Jim Sloan, Albury)

"All good mate, you keep using the photo. I'm just had a look at the website now, looks impresive. I will definitely give it a shot in the future." (Tim Harris)

Two hundred years on, come and ride in the historic footsteps of the explorers Hume and Hovell

Then and Now

By 1924 the memories of the devastating flu epidemic of 1919 and the horrors of the First World War were beginning to fade. The country was rebuilding and in a mood for celebrations. Albury, a town at the major river crossing place of the Hume and Hovell 1824 journey, was initiating a week-long celebration for the Centenary. Victoria followed suit with the Centenary Committee under the chairmanship of Sir James Barratt, pursuing the plan to mark the route with memorial cairns. 

By 1998 a designated Walking Trail had been developed to successfully mark the NSW section of the Hume and Hovell route.  In Victoria today the Hume and Hovell journey has faded somewhat as many of the 38 monuments stand unnoticed alongside busy roads, one remains forgotten on a lonely hillside and two are unreachable being now on private property. Bellbridge monument video

The Explorers Bike Ride 2024 will attempt to relive the memory of the Hume and Hovell journey through Victoria. 

Join in this bike adventure to discover the locations of the 1924 monuments and learn of the daring exploits of the explorers.

The Ride

The year 2024 is the bicentenary of the Hume and Hovell Expedition. The Explorers Bike Ride 2024 will commemorate the expedition. The ride is intended to give adventure cyclists the opportunity to follow the explorers' route through the backcountry of eastern Victoria following the line of the 1924 monuments. You will relive their journey from Albury to Werribee learning about the expedition and the trials undertaken by the party of Hume and Hovell and their six convict servants: Thomas Boyd, Claude Bossawa, Henry Angel, James Fitzpatrick, William Bollard and Thomas Smith.

Ride the route in one go as a self-supported adventure, or as a day trip with friends or complete the ride, Stage by Stage when time permits. Ride solo or in a small group. Start on your schedule. There are no winners but only acknowledgement of participation. The course can be ridden throughout the bicentenary year of 2024. The course route is available online following registration. Access to the routes is free.

A route launch will be on 28 February while a concluding event could be held on 16 November 2024 coinciding with the date Hume and Hovell reached the Murray River at Albury.

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The Explorers Bike Ride 2024 acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands its route traverses. It recommends to its riders that they respect these people and learn about their culture and traditions of managing the land and rivers. As a reminder of this duty, the riders are encouraged to carry a representation of a ceremonial Gum Leaf (bookmark) throughout their journey.

Remember the traditional owners of the land

Ceremonial gum leaf  ~  Mick Bogie

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